HumanMed BodyJet Eco Liposuction - An Innovative Approach to Body Contouring

Body contouring has become increasingly popular as people seek to achieve their desired body shape and improve self-confidence. Liposuction is one of the most common procedures for body contouring, and the HumanMed BodyJet Eco Liposuction system is a cutting-edge technology that offers a unique and innovative approach to liposuction.

Machine Overview:

The HumanMed BodyJet Eco Liposuction system is a state-of-the-art device for body contouring and fat harvesting. It utilizes the power of water-jet-assisted liposuction (WAL) technology, which is a minimally invasive method for removing unwanted fat from various areas of the body. The system is manufactured by HumanMed AG, a leading medical technology company known for its innovative liposuction and body contouring solutions.

Features of HumanMed BodyJet Eco Liposuction:

The system has several advanced features that make it a cutting-edge technology for body contouring. Some of its notable features include:

  • Water-jet-assisted liposuction (WAL) technology: The system utilizes a gentle water-jet stream to dislodge and harvest unwanted fat from the body, reducing trauma to surrounding tissues and minimizing the risk of complications.
  • Tumescent infiltration:It uses a tumescent solution to numb the treatment area and constrict blood vessels, which helps to reduce bleeding and bruising during the procedure.
  • Precision and control:The surgeon can precisely control the direction, pressure, and intensity of the water jet, allowing for precise fat removal and contouring.
  • Minimal downtime: The procedure and the gentle nature of the water-jet stream used in the system result in minimal downtime for patients, allowing for quicker recovery compared to traditional liposuction methods.

Different Models:

The HumanMed BodyJet, Eco Liposuction system comes in different models to cater to the specific needs of different clinics and practitioners. Some of the popular models include:

HumanMed BodyJet Eco Liposuction Basic: This is the basic model of the system that includes the essential features for performing water-jet-assisted liposuction procedures.

HumanMed BodyJet Eco Liposuction Plus: This model includes additional features such as touch-screen controls, integrated patient management software, and advanced safety features, providing enhanced functionality and convenience.

How it Works:

The HumanMed BodyJet, Eco Liposuction system works based on the principle of water-jet-assisted liposuction (WAL) technology. The procedure begins with tumescent infiltration, where a tumescent solution infiltrates the treatment area to numb the area and constrict blood vessels. Then, a thin cannula connected to the BodyJet system is inserted into the treatment area through small incisions. The system delivers a gentle and controlled water-jet stream into the fatty tissue, dislodging the fat cells and making them easier to remove. The dislodged fat cells are gently suctioned out of the body using the same cannula, resulting in precise fat removal and contouring.

Advantages of HumanMed BodyJet Eco Liposuction:

The HumanMed BodyJet Eco Liposuction system offers several advantages over traditional liposuction methods, including:

The procedure is minimally invasive, resulting in smaller incisions, less trauma to surrounding tissues, and reduced scarring compared to traditional liposuction methods.

The system allows for precise and controlled fat removal, resulting in smooth and natural-looking body contours without causing damage to surrounding tissues.

The gentle nature of the water-jet stream used in the system reduces the risk of complications such as bleeding, bruising, and tissue damage, making it a safer option for body contouring procedures.

It can remove unwanted fat from various body areas, including the abdomen, thighs, hips, arms, back, and buttocks, making it a versatile option for body contouring.

Uses (Treatments) of HumanMed BodyJet Eco Liposuction:

The HumanMed BodyJet Eco Liposuction system is primarily used for body contouring and fat harvesting. Some of the common treatment areas where the system can be used include:

  • Abdomen:The system can remove excess fat from the abdominal area, helping achieve a flatter and more toned appearance.
  • Thighs and Hips: These can target stubborn fat deposits in the thighs and hips, helping to improve the shape and contour of these areas.
  • Arms are used to remove excess fat from the upper arms, helping achieve slimmer and more defined arms.
  • Back and Flanks: Target unwanted fat in the back and flanks, helping to achieve a more sculpted and toned appearance.
  • Buttocks: Used for fat harvesting to augment the buttocks and achieve a fuller and more rounded shape, commonly known as the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).
  • Other areas: The system can also be used for fat harvesting in other areas of the body, depending on the specific needs and goals of the patient
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