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Venus Fiore is a cutting-edge medical device that offers a comprehensive solution for addressing various aspects of vaginal health restoration. It has three specialized applicators for internal vaginal health, labia skin tightening, and mons pubis reduction. Powered by proprietary (MP)2 technology tailored explicitly for vulvovaginal health, Venus Fiore is known for its exceptional patient safety, comfort, and hygiene features, including single-use disposable applicators. With this advanced technology, patients can experience noticeable results without any downtime.

Multi - Treatments Of Venus Concepts Fiore

These treatments include:

  • Internal vaginal health restoration
  • Labia skin tightening
  • Mons pubis reduction.
  • To ensure the highest safety and hygiene standards, Venus Fiore utilizes single-use disposable tips for each treatment.

Vaginal Applicator:

The vaginal applicator is a critical component of Venus Fiore, featuring a unique multi-electrode design that allows for simultaneous and safe delivery of (MP)2 energy, which combines Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field. This innovative design ensures that the energy is uniformly and circumferentially applied throughout the entire vaginal canal, providing controlled deep heating in a 3D manner. This results in safe, fast, and comfortable treatments with consistent and reliable results.

Labia Skin Tightening and Mons Pubis Reduction:

In addition to the vaginal applicator, Venus Fiore includes external labia and mons pubis applicators. These applicators are designed with the same proven multi-polar electrode configuration, enabling homogeneous, even, and rapid heat distribution. It ensures fast and effective treatments while optimizing patient comfort.

Working Of The Technology

Revolutionizing the feminine health field, our technology offers the first and only valid stationary positioning solution in the market, providing comprehensive and effective treatment options.

Power of Synergistic MP 2 Technology:

This technology combines Multi-Polar RF with PEMF to create a powerful synergistic effect on cellular impact. This results in accelerated cellular metabolism, angiogenesis, and collagen and elastin production stimulation. The benefits for patients include improved vaginal moisture levels, increased sensation, and enhanced elasticity, leading to optimal results.

Thermal Feedback - Real Time:

The vaginal applicator has three pairs of bipolar electrodes with integrated sensors, providing real-time thermal feedback of the treatment area's temperature profile. It allows precise monitoring and control during treatments, ensuring optimal safety and efficacy.

ATC (Automatic Temperature Control)

The advanced vaginal applicator is designed with Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) to provide optimal treatment outcomes. With ATC, the operator can easily reach and maintain the desired temperatures throughout the treatments, ensuring precise and consistent energy delivery. Additionally, the applicator allows for independent adjustment of localized temperature and energy delivery on each pair of electrodes, allowing for a tailored and personalized treatment experience. This advanced feature ensures that each patient receives a customized treatment that addresses their unique needs, providing unparalleled comfort, safety, and efficacy.

Our Treatments

Vaginal Rejuvenation   | Perineoplasty   | Vaginoplasty   | Laser Vaginal Tightening   | Hymenoplasty   | Labiaplasty   | Clitoroplasty   | Pelvic Reconstructive   | Monsplasty   | Mommy Makeover   | Urinary Incontinence   | Face Lift   | Nose Surgery   | Vaginal Prolapse   | Burch Colposuspension   | Fourchette Reconstruction   | Breast Lift   | Breast Augmentation   | Breast Reduction   | Eyebrow Lift   | Neck Lift   | Scar Removal Surgery   | Vaginal Infection Treatment   | Laser Vaginal Bleaching   | Female Sexual Dysfunction   | Menstrual Disorder   | Ovarian Cyst Removal   | Laparoscopic Surgery for Fibroids   | Botox Injection & Dermal Fillers   | Liposuction   | Hysterectomy   | Laparoscopic   | Endometriosis   | Hysteroscopy   | Menopause   | Blepharoplasty   | Double Chin Removal   | Lip Enhancement Surgery

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