Burch Colposuspension Treatment in India

Most women around the world suffer from Incontinence, regardless of age or any external factors. It is a medical condition in which you don’t have voluntary control over urination. In a lot of cases, the degree of Incontinence may be severe, which makes surgery the only viable option to treat it in its entirety. The fear of embarrassment or lack of awareness keeps many women from pursuing a consult. However, a Burch Colposuspension treatment works wonders in tackling Incontinence and getting rid of such issues making women’s lives much easier, and restoring a good quality of life.

What is Burch colposuspension?

Burch Colposuspension is a procedure where the bladder neck (the area between the bladder and urethra) is supported to avoid any leakage of urine. The surgeon makes an incision along the bikini line and secures the bladder neck to a ligament behind the pubic bone. This surgery is a great option for patients whose bodies are sensitive to slings or tapes and has proven to achieve positive outcomes in treating Incontinence.

What are the benefits of Burch colposuspension?

This procedure has worked wonders in treating Incontinence issues for women around the world. The Burch Colposuspension advantages are as follow:

•  Treats Stress urinary incontinence where urine leaks while laughing, coughing, exercising, etc.
•  Works wonders for women who are sensitive to the tapes used during Sling surgery
•  Eliminates retention of urine in patients
•  Controls leakage occurring while strenuous activity

Who is Burch colposuspension suitable for?

The Burch Colposuspension procedure is the best solution if you are:

•  Experiencing leakage while laughing, coughing, and sneezing, etc.
•  Facing difficulty in reaching the bathroom in time
•  Having problems with controlling urination while traveling, running etc.
•  Going to the bathroom frequently

What is the Burch colposuspension process?

During your consultation, we take preliminary tests to diagnose your exact issue and explain every aspect of the treatment to you. This should help you decide if you wish to proceed with the treatment.

Our best surgeon for Burch Colposuspension takes a thorough medical examination and creates a treatment plan that maps out the procedure of your entire surgical treatment.

On the day of the surgery, we explain the steps in the surgical procedure once again and conduct preliminary tests. The surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia.  The surgery involves a “bikini” line cut just below the pubic hairline.

The recovery duration for the Burch Colposuspension Treatment is average 4 days and may vary depending upon your body response. Once the surgeon is satisfied with your rate of progress, you will be discharged.

Post discharge, the medical team will guide you with the precaution you need to take for better recovery. You are suggested with the follow-up visits to ensure your recovery is hassle-free; while you can connect with our team if you have any concerns.

What does the Burch colposuspension cost?

The cost of Burch Colposuspension depends on the severity of your condition and the complexity of the surgery we need to perform. Only after conducting a thorough diagnosis our expert can share the cost of the surgery. Get in touch with our team to receive the cost of Burch Colposuspension in Mumbai and Delhi.

Why choose Elle Sante for Burch colposuspension?

At Elle Sante, we believe in offering the highest standard of care to patients around the world. The team of the experts at Elle Sante is led by Dr. Navneet Magon who is a leading Pelvic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Genital Surgeon in India. Adept at diagnosing and treating the various issues related to women’s gynecology, the Burch Colposuspension treatment he provides has achieved high success rates. Our state-of-the-art center for reconstructive and cosmetic gynecology has advanced technology that ensures each patient has a positive outcome. With a strong focus on proving ethical and safe treatments for all, we recommend the best treatment for your condition.

Get in touch with the medical team of Elle Sante to discuss the best possible treatment option available for you.

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