Preparing for surgery

Just like any other surgery, it is essential to take some measures to ensure that you have a smooth surgical procedure and recovery time, minimizing any complications. Being mentally and physically prepared for your surgery involves just a few steps that can change the entire outcome of your surgery, and help you embrace the new direction your life will take. Find some significant information below that will kick-start your preparation and arrangements for the surgery.

Pre-operative Evaluation & Counselling

Before any surgery, we conduct preliminary tests, to ensure that everything is in place before the surgery commences. It is vital that the surgeon is aware of your health status on surgery day and, takes the necessary steps during the surgery, for a positive outcome. We also organize a counseling session, to prepare and ensure that you are relaxed and confident about the procedure you are about to undergo.

Adult Caretaker

It is vital that you bring a responsible adult along with you, on the day of the procedure, who can accompany you to and from the clinic. Additionally, you may require a helping hand of your family member or friend or caretaker for the first 24 hours post your procedure. The time may vary, depending on the exact procedure you are undergoing.

Pre-surgery Fasting

Your cosmetic gynecologist will ask you to avoid consuming any solids or liquids 6-8 hours before the surgery. Though you can still take any prescription medication, the amount of water to be consumed with that should be minimal. This will be reiterated to you several times, as not following the fasting rule will result in your procedure being postponed or canceled.

Fasting is crucial to the surgery, as we administer general anesthesia during major surgeries. Any food or liquids present in the stomach, while you are sedated, can get pushed to the back of the throat and choke you. In case you have any queries about fasting under any conditions such as diabetes, etc, feel free to get in touch with our experts.

Do’s and Don’ts

•  DO ensure that you are adequately hydrated before you start your fasting period
•  DON’T drink alcohol at least 48 hours before and after your surgery
•  DO take a shower before or on the day of your surgery
•  DON’T apply any topical substance such as moisturizer or deodorant to your skin after showering
•  DO pack along loose clothes to the clinic, which you can wear easily when going home
•  DON’T consume anything containing nicotine and tobacco


ALWAYS be truthful to your supporting staff about anything that may affect the outcome of your surgery. Safety comes first.

Since your body is about to undergo a massive change, you should ideally start preparing for it at least a week prior to your surgery. Our specialists also give you a list of precautions that are specific to the treatment/s you are about to undergo.

Consult our experts for any clarifications you may need on any precaution.

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