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Labiaplasty Treatment in India

An increasingly popular surgery in the field of cosmetic gynecology, Labiaplasty, is being opted for by women from across the world. Childbirth, aging, or even genetics can cause the Labia (the tissue at the vaginal opening) to stretch excessively and become elongated. This results in functional problems such as abrasion during exercise, pain, and discomfort while riding a bicycle or sitting on hard surfaces, excessive pain during sexual intercourse, and more. The aesthetical issues caused by this condition greatly impact the self-confidence of women causes various insecurities within them. A Labiaplasty surgery works towards resizing and reshaping the Labia, to make them symmetrical, and resolve the issues caused by an uneven labial area.

What is Labiaplasty?

A Labiaplasty is essentially a surgical procedure in which excess tissue is removed from the Labia Majora (the outer vaginal lips) or Labia Minora (the inner vaginal lips), to alleviate any issues caused by uneven Labia. There are two types of Labiaplasty treatment in India:

1. Labia Minora Plasty:

This procedure corrects the Labia Minora, which more than often stretches out during childbirth. An elongated Labia Minora results in chafing, painful sexual intercourse, and more. These issues can be alleviated by surgically getting rid of the excessive tissue in the Labia Minora using Labia Minora Plasty.

2. Labia Majora Plasty:

The Labia Majora Plasty corrects any excess skin in the outer labia, which tends to cause pain during sexual intercourse, aesthetical issues when wearing tight clothes, or abrasion during exercise. The best surgeon for Labiaplasty accurately excises the excess tissue, which brings back the aesthetics and functionality of the region. It’s also called as correction of “camel toes”.

What are the benefits of Labiaplasty?

The Labiaplasty advantages are immense, taking care of crucial issues that affect the daily functions in life. Here is how a Labiaplasty is advantageous to women:

  • Eliminates chafing caused when wearing tight clothes
  • Prevents pain during strenuous physical exercise
  • Alleviates excess pain felt during sexual intercourse
  • Increases self-confidence by correcting the appearance of the Labia
  • Eases the pain felt when sitting on hard surfaces

Who is Labiaplasty suitable for?

A labiaplasty is a great option for women who:

  • Experience abrasion due to enlarged Labia
  • Suffer from excessive pain during sexual intercourse
  • Face pain during strenuous physical exercise
  • Have low self-confidence due to asymmetrical Labia
  • Experience pain when sitting on hard surfaces

What is the Labiaplasty process?

During your first consultation, our specialist diagnoses your condition and explains the Labiaplasty process in detail. We also understand your aesthetic desires and work towards finding the best way to achieve them. This should help you decide whether to proceed with the treatment or not.

Our best surgeon for Labiaplasty conducts a thorough medical checkup and studies the results, after which a treatment plan is crafted. The plan efficiently maps out your treatment to achieve the outcome you desire.

On the day of the surgery, we conduct preliminary tests and set up a counseling session. You will also be taken through the treatment steps, after which the treatment commences, where the best surgeon for Labiaplasty excises the excess tissue on the Labia. The duration of the procedure depends on the work to be done, and the procedures you require.

Your recovery entirely depends on the complexity of the treatment and all the procedures conducted. Once the surgeon is satisfied with the outcome, you will be discharged.

Our work doesn’t end when you are discharged. We conduct regular follow-ups to ensure that your recovery at home is smooth, and without complications. Our team is also available at all times to clear any doubts you may have.

What does the Labiaplasty cost?

The cost of Labiaplasty largely depends on the severity of your case, as well as the treatments required. Many patients also opt for a Clitoral Hood Reduction, etc., along with Labiaplasty, due to which the costs can differ. The best surgeon for Labiaplasty must evaluate your condition and craft a treatment plan, after which an estimated cost can be calculated.

Why choose Elle Sante for Labiaplasty?

Dr. Navneet Magon, the Founder and Chief Surgeon at Elle Sante is a highly-awarded cosmetic gynecologist in India, with years of experience in the field and his expertise shines in every treatment performed. A Labiaplasty is an incredibly complex procedure that should only be conducted by the best experts and specialized surgeon. Elle Sante has a cutting-edge technology, which promotes a safe and ethical treatment with high accuracy & success rate. Our motive is to efficiently achieve positive outcomes and only recommend the treatments required to fulfill your aesthetic desire as well as functional requirements.

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