Surgical Vaginal Tightening in India

Natural events such as childbirth, injury, or aging tend to drastically change the vaginal area and the way women perceive them, especially when these changes interfere with day to day life. A major issue that most women face, especially after childbirth, is of loose vaginal muscles and tissue. This loose vaginal muscles and tissue may lead to medical conditions such as urinary incontinence, decreased sexual gratification, as well as excessive vaginal dryness, which can be treated with vaginal tightening by surgery along with the use of cutting-edge technology, as needed.

What is Surgical Vaginal Tightening?

Surgical Vaginal Tightening is a procedure aimed at tightening the vaginal muscles and tissue, decreasing the diameter of the vaginal canal and opening. This is generally performed on women who have gone childbirth, where post-childbirth, the vagina’s appearance does not shift back to its pre-pregnancy state. By tightening the vaginal muscles, sensitivity can be regained and the muscles get strong enough to avoid incontinence.

What are the benefits of surgical vaginal tightening?

Though this procedure is generally sought after by women who have undergone childbirth, the Surgical Vaginal Tightening advantages are immense for women who face issues due to lax vaginal muscles. Surgical Vaginal Tightening benefits women by:

  • Improving sensation in the vagina and promoting higher sexual satisfaction
  • Fixing incontinence issues by strengthening the vaginal muscles and enhancing contractile force
  • Increasing self-esteem by enhancing the appearance of the vagina
  • Taking care of vaginal dryness, using advanced technology, as needed on a case to case basis

Who is surgical vaginal tightening suitable for?

Surgical vaginal tightening in India is suitable for women who:

  • Have an expanded and loose vaginal canal as a result of multiple childbirths
  • Are facing vaginal dryness owing to menopause or outside factors
  • Have a harder time achieving sexual satisfaction
  • Are facing incontinence due to weak tissues

What is the surgical vaginal tightening Process?

The main motive of your first consultation is to explain all the aspects related to the Surgical Vaginal Tightening process. We also work towards understanding your treatment goals, and what you wish to achieve, as well as if you may need any additional procedures.

Our best surgeon for Surgical Vaginal Tightening then analyses the results of tests conducted, and crafts a treatment process that is aimed towards achieving our treatment goal. A personalized framework for treatment is only created after a thorough assessment.

On the day of the surgery, all the preliminary tests will be conducted and you will be explained what happens during each step of your surgery once again. After anesthesia is administered, and the procedure can commence, where the stretched vaginal muscles are surgically joined, and the excess lining is removed. If required, any other additional procedures are then performed.

The recovery time of Surgical Vaginal Tightening is quite short, being about 2-3 hours. If satisfied, our expert will discharge you the same day itself.

Our work doesn’t end as soon as you are discharged. We schedule regular check-ups to ensure that your recovery is hassle-free and there are no complications. Additionally, our team is available at all times, to answer any queries you may have.

What is the surgical vaginal tightening cost?

Surgical Vaginal Tightening can be conducted along with other procedures, such as ‘O shot’, Labiaplasty, Monsplasty, and more. Depending on the severity of the condition, the expert consulting on your case will recommend the appropriate treatments you require, for your goal to be met. Book a consultation now, for clarity on your treatment plan and estimated cost.

Why choose Elle Sante for surgical vaginal tightening?

Our chief surgeon and vision behind Elle Sante, Dr. Navneet Magon, is a highly acclaimed leading cosmetic gynecologist in India. Having numerous awards to his name, his innovation in the field is immense, resulting in highly efficient treatments at Elle Sante. We aim at achieving the highest standard of quality in each procedure and ensure that all our treatments are ethical and safe for the patient’s body. Our clinic houses cutting-edge technology which adds an optimal level of accuracy and expertise to the procedure. By only recommending the treatments needed, we ensure that your treatment goals are met with no hassles.

Get in touch with our counseling team at Elle Sante for Surgical Vaginal Tightening performed by industry experts.

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