Labiaplasty FAQs

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a treatment that aims at sculpting the Labia, which is the skin surrounding the vagina. An elongated Labia Minora (the inner Labia) or Labia Majora (outer Labia) can cause issues such as abrasion, pain during sex, and more. Labiaplasty corrects these issues and alleviates the functional and aesthetic issues associated with misshapen Labia.

What are the types of Labiaplasty?

There are 2 types of Labiaplasty treatment:

1. Labia Minora Plasty

This procedure corrects the Labia Minora or inner tissue. Elongated Labia Minora can cause issues such as abrasions, or peek out from the Labia Majora and cause aesthetical disruptions. Labia Minora Plasty works towards correcting these conditions.

2. Labia Majora Plasty

Labia Majora Plasty resizes the Labia Majora or outer tissue. Excess skin on the Labia Majora leads to abrasions when wearing tight clothes, pain during sexual intercourse, etc., Labia Majora Plasty focuses on correcting the aesthetic of labia majora.

What is the difference between Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation?

During a Labiaplasty, the excess Labial Skin is removed, to solve the functional and aesthetic issues caused by elongated Labia.However vaginal rejuvenation includes various procedures that correct the functionality and aesthetics of the vaginal area. Labiaplasty is only one aspect of Vaginal Rejuvenation which also includes procedures such as Vaginal Tightening, Monsplasty, and more, depending on each particular patient’s condition.

Am I a suitable candidate for Labiaplasty?

Women who face multiple issues that disrupt daily life, due to enlarged Labia can opt for a Labiaplasty. If you face problems such as abrasions when wearing tight clothes, sitting on hard surfaces, pain during sex, or any others, this treatment is a good option for you.

What steps or precautions should I take to prepare for the surgery?

The expert will give you a list of exact precautions to take, for your exact conditions. Some general precautions you can take, are to abstain from alcohol intake and smoking before the procedure, and also avoid taking Aspirin or other blood thinners, which can affect your recovery rate.

How long does the Labiaplasty treatment take?

The approximate duration of the treatment is between 1-2 hours. However, the exact time is determined by all the procedures you have opted for.

How soon can I return to work after Labiaplasty surgery?

Though it mainly depends on the type of surgical job done and your recovery rate, a general time frame we can quote is 2-3 days after the procedure.

How soon can I resume sex after Labiaplasty?

Patients are advised to wait for 6-7 weeks before having sexual intercourse and take a piece of advice from your expert labiaplasty surgeon.

How much discomfort or pain will I face after Labiaplasty?

Moderate pain can be felt for the first day post surgery. The pain felt after that period is slight, and can be easily controlled by painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

What is the cost of Labiaplasty?

Since many women also opt for other procedures to be conducted in conjunction with the treatment, the Labiaplasty cost depends on all the procedures you have opted for. Consult our experts for an estimate on the cost in your particular condition.

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