Vaginal Surgeries in India

“Vaginal Surgery is the signature of a Gynecologist”Dr. Navneet Magon

Vaginal Surgeries require skill, precision, accuracy, and more importantly, instinct. These surgeries require an expert’s touch, being more of an art than a technicality. Vaginal Surgeries are the natural orifice surgery is performed through vaginal route only, without giving any abdominal incision. Unlike open surgery or abdominal surgery, surgeons cannot see in panorama what they are doing and perform the surgery entirely by touch and a narrow vision. An expert vaginal surgeon is not easy to find. Vaginal surgeons are pioneers, who can use their decade’s worth of expertise and unparalleled intellect, to create a mental 3D image of the vaginal anatomy. When choosing a surgeon for vaginal surgery, it is vital to do your research and choose the absolute best you can get.

Vaginal Surgeries offered at Elle Sante

Elle Sante offers a wide variety of vaginal surgeries, aimed at treating the maximum number of issues faced by women. Here are some of the vaginal surgeries you can avail in our top-notch clinic.

•  Non-Descent Vaginal Hysterectomy
•  Vaginal Sacro-spinal Fixation
•  Colporrhaphy
•  Vaginal Surgeries For Prolapse
•  Site Specific Repair Of Pelvic Organ Prolapse
•  Perineal Body Reconstruction
•  Perineal Lift
•  Fistula Repair Surgery
•  Complete Perineal Tear Repair

What is the cost of Vaginal Surgeries?

Each vaginal surgery carries its own level of complexity. Depending on your exact condition, and treatment requirements, the expert surgeon crafts a treatment plan that maps out the procedures needed, and all the other aspects of your treatment. Once the procedures are determined, an estimated vaginal surgery cost can be calculated. Get in touch with our consultants for an estimate on your treatment and cost.

Why choose Elle Sante for Vaginal Surgeries?

Elle Sante believes in providing patients with comprehensive care that meets the highest standard of excellence in the industry. With a strong focus on efficient diagnostic services, we accurately determine the cause of your condition and recommend the necessary treatments to meet your desired outcome. Dr. Navneet Magon is an award-winning Endoscopic, Pelvic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Genital Surgeon in India, with years of expertise in conducting vaginal surgeries that have achieved excellent success rates. His leadership enables us to ensure a positive outcome for as many patients as possible. Our state-of-the-art clinic houses all the advanced technology needed to promote highly safe and ethical treatments for each patient.

Consult our healthcare team, and experience unparalleled treatments in India.

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    Sacrospinous fixation

    This surgery minimizes the risk of recurrent vaginal prolapse, by offering support to the upper vaginal wall. No reduction in vaginal length is caused due to this surgery, which is its biggest advantage.

    Pelvic floor reconstruction

    An effective treatment for pelvic organ prolapse, which occurs when the pelvic muscles are weakened due to childbirth, surgery, injury, or more. This treatment requires a group of procedures to be conducted in tandem.

    Non-descent vaginal hysterectomy

    Adding an innovative twist to the previously unsuccessful version of this surgery, modern cosmetic gynecologists can efficiently perform Hysterectomies through vaginal surgery, which is highly safe and successful.


    Used to repair defects in the wall of the vagina, this surgical procedure treats cystocele(protrusion of the bladder into the vagina) and rectocele(protrusion of the rectum into the vagina) and entirely mends the vaginal wall.