Vaginal Tightening Treatment by Radio Frequency in India

Women’s changing bodies with time can largely impact their daily life functions, as well as the way they perceive themselves. Things like Childbirth, injury, and time can cause the vaginal tissue and muscles to weaken, which lead to the vaginal canal losing its elasticity creating a sensation of looseness or smoothness. Vaginal Tightening with Radio Frequency is an innovative technological treatment that helps to regain the vagina its optimal physiological state and as a result, physical stimulation required for sexual gratification can be increased. Vaginal Tightening with Radio Frequency can also help to address issues such as incontinence, vaginal dryness, etc. which women face, due to weak vaginal muscles.

What is vaginal tightening using radio frequency?

The Vaginal Tightening using Radio Frequency treatment in India is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure which uses Radiofrequency to heat the tissue in the vagina and stimulates the formation of collagen, which tightens the muscles and helps decrease the diameter of the vaginal canal and strengthen vaginal muscles. This also treats vaginal and labial dryness. Also popularly called Thermiva / Fiore/ Viveve treatments, this type of Vaginal Tightening is a form of physical therapy that is performed by trained specialists.

What are the benefits of vaginal tightening using radio frequency?

The Vaginal Tightening using Radio Frequency advantages are immense for women who face issues due to lax vaginal muscles and wish to opt for a non-surgical procedure. Here are some of the advantages of Vaginal Tightening using Radio Frequency.

• Enhances sensation in the vagina, promoting a higher degree of sexual function
• Takes care of incontinence issues by strengthening the vaginal support system
•  Has an almost nil downtime, as it is non-surgical and non-invasive
•  Eliminates vaginal and labial dryness
•  Prevents & treats pelvic prolapse by strengthening muscles
•  Helps to get better orgasms during sex
•  Tightens the vagina for better sex

Who is vaginal tightening using radio frequency suitable for?

Vaginal Tightening using Radio Frequency in India is suitable for women who:

•  Have an expanded vaginal canal due to vaginal childbirth
•  Do not wish to opt for surgery, to tighten the vaginal canal and opening
•  Are facing vaginal dryness
•  Have an unsatisfactory sexual function
•  Are facing stress or urge incontinence

What is the vaginal tightening using radio frequency process?

Vaginal tightening using RF is an outpatient office procedure that can be done in approximately 30 minutes with no downtime, and results become apparent after the first treatment. During this procedure, a thin slender rod is used to deliver the heat to the vagina and or the Labia Minora and Majora (camel toe) effectively shrinking and tightening the treated areas. For vaginal tightening usually, three treatment sessions at the interval of 4-6 weeks are recommended. Once-A-Year maintenance treatment may be required in future.

What is the cost of vaginal tightening using radio frequency?

Vaginal Tightening using Radio Frequency can be conducted as a standalone treatment as well as can be a follow-up treatment with other procedures, such as Labiaplasty, Monsplasty, and more, as part of Vaginal Rejuvenation. Depending on the severity of the condition, the expert consulting on your case recommends necessary treatments sessions to meet the treatment goal. Get a consultation today for an estimated cost of Vaginal Tightening using Radio Frequency in Mumbai and Delhi.

Why choose Elle Sante for vaginal tightening using radio frequency?

We at Elle Sante believe in helping Indian women and women of the Indian subcontinent get the best of healthcare facilities, without any difference and delay from what the women get in the developed nations. We maintain a high level of ethical values and safe treatment measures under the leadership of our chief surgeon Dr. Navneet Magon, who is the first Indian Cosmetic Gynecologist certified to use the Radio Frequency technology for Vaginal Tightening and the pioneer to offer the radio frequency treatment for vaginal tightening in India. Dr. Magon is the master trainer for radio frequency use in the India Subcontinent.

We invite you to discuss your aesthetic desires as well as reconstructive benefits. Regain your confidence and youthful appearance, schedule your consultation now. Book your consultation with India’s first and the best.

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