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Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment in India

The way your vagina looks or feels plays a great role in day to day life. Natural experiences such as childbirth or aging significantly change the aesthetics and functions of the vaginal area, affecting self-confidence, sexual pleasure, and bodily functions. Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery aims at correcting the issues that women face, such as urinary incontinence, decreased sexual satisfaction, vaginal prolapse, or lack of confidence in the bedroom, and increases their quality of life. It’s all about improving the sexuality and quality of life.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal Rejuvenation is a broad term, which consists of surgical procedures that aim at tightening the vaginal canal and rejuvenating vaginal tissue. This includes narrowing the diameter of the vaginal canal and opening, which increases sensitivity in the vaginal area, and also strengthens it. Many a time, site-specific repairs are needed for the recto-vaginal septum that’s damaged by childbirth and repeated vaginal usage. At other times, additional use of energy based devices and techniques of regenerative medicine help in rejuvenating the vaginal tissue. Every patient needs individualized management as per her requirements, expectations, and condition.

What are the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation?

Most women who opt for this procedure have certain reasons in mind. The major Vaginal Rejuvenation advantages include those specific reasons. In general, this procedure benefits women by:

  • Enhancing sexual function by increasing sensitivity and friction during sexual intercourse
  • Resolving urinary incontinence by site-specific repairs
  • Increasing self-confidence through aesthetic corrections
  • Treating vaginal dryness with cutting-edge technology
  • Decreasing the internal and external diameters of the vagina, which increase strength and contractile force.

Who is vaginal rejuvenation suitable for?

Vaginal Rejuvenation can help you if you are facing issues such as:

  • A decrease in friction and sensitivity during sexual intercourse
  • Wide or loose vagina due to childbirth, aging or natural events
  • Mild to moderate Vaginal Prolapse
  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Difficulty in achieving an orgasm
  • Partners penis falls out during intercourse

What is the vaginal rejuvenation process?

During your consultation, we give you clarity on what Vaginal Rejuvenation is, and the various aspects involved in it. We also work to understand the problems you are facing and the objective of your treatment. This should help you make a decision on whether to proceed with the Vaginal Rejuvenation process. We only offer the procedure if it has a potential to benefit you and meet your expectations.

By conducting a thorough examination, we ensure that nothing is left out. Our best surgeon for Vaginal Rejuvenation then crafts a treatment plan that cites the procedures required to meet your objectives.

On the day of the procedure, all your preliminary checks are conducted, after which you are prepared for surgery. After administering anesthesia of your choice, the surgery commences, where joining the stretched and torn muscles and other tissues and then removing the excess lining tighten the vaginal muscles. Any other corrective procedures required are then performed. Our world-renowned surgeon performs the site-specific repairs for the best results. The surgery takes 2-3 hours depending on your exact condition.

The recovery duration is quite short for the Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment, being about 2-3 hours post-surgery. The surgeon and his team monitor your recovery and if satisfied with the progress, discharges you the same day.

Post discharge, our vaginal rejuvenation experts’ conducts regular check-ups to ensure that your recovery at home is going smoothly without any complications. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

What is the vaginal rejuvenation cost?

The cost of Vaginal Rejuvenation depends on the exact procedures you require. Some patients combine Vaginal Rejuvenation with Perineal Surgery or Labiaplasty, depending on the severity of the condition. After consulting on your case and recommending what treatments you need, in order to meet your goal, an estimated cost can be determined. Book a consultation now to know your treatment options and estimate cost.

Why choose Elle Sante for vaginal rejuvenation?

Elle Sante is the brainchild and vision of Dr. Navneet Magon, the globally renowned Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecologist to deliver women what they want. Our world-renowned specialist, Dr. Navneet Magon, is the highly awarded leading cosmetic & reconstructive gynecologist in India, with years of expertise in the field. Donning the hat of a pioneer, teacher, leader, and more, the techniques he uses for Vaginal Rejuvenation are of the highest standard of excellence.

At Elle Sante, our state-of-the-art center has the advanced cutting-edge technology needed to achieve the best results from each procedure. Each procedure offered at Elle Sante is crafted by keeping in mind our ethical treatment values and nurture a safe experience for all. We maintain a strong focus on achieving each patient’s treatment goals by only recommending the treatments they need.

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