Vulvo-Vaginal Augmentation with Fillers in India

Just like the skin on the face and body, the skin on the labia tends to sag with age. The Labia Majora is prone to signs of aging, as the skin loses its tone and elasticity, and begins to wrinkle. In numerous cases, other reasons may also cause the labia to develop a sagging effect. Though these common occurrences are ignored by many, it may cause functional and aesthetic issues for a number of women. Vulvo-Vaginal Augmentation with Fillers solves this very issue, by restoring firmness to the saggy skin and alleviating the discomfort associated with the condition.

What is valvo-vaginal augmentation with fillers?

Vulvovaginal augmentation involves the injection of hyaluronic acid fillers into the Labia Majora and vagina. Hyaluronic acid is found throughout the body and is responsible for the volume, lubrication, and smoothness of skin. During the vulvovaginal augmentation, an injection consisting of Hyaluronic Acid as its active ingredient is skillfully placed and within the following days, the tissue in the area will gradually plump up and become firmer. This treatment is typically done every 6-12 months to maintain the results.

What are the benefits of vulvovaginal augmentation with fillers?

Advantages of vulvo-vaginal augmentation with fillers are a mix of aesthetical and functional. Here is how some women benefit from vulvovaginal augmentation:

•  Restores firmness to the Labia, which eases discomfort during sexual intercourse
•  It is a fairly easy procedure with no downtime required
•  Eases discomfort while sitting down or wearing tight clothes
•  Increases self-confidence during intimate moments
•  Tightens the vaginal canal
•  Gives the vaginal area a youthful look
•  Enhances sexual gratification potential

Who is vulvo-vaginal augmentation with fillers suitable for?

Vulvovaginal augmentation with fillers is slowly becoming a trend among women who:

•  Face discomfort while sitting, walking, or wearing tight clothes
•  Have issues with the Labia Minora peeking out of the sagging Labia Majora
•  Wish to have a youthful looking vagina
• Have decreased sexual function & pleasure due to discomfort / laxity / looseness

What is the vulvo-vaginal augmentation with fillers process?

During your initial consultation, we work towards explaining the treatment plan to you and understanding your treatment goals. Our expert then schedules the procedure date.

On the day of the procedure, we go through the steps in the treatment once again. Our expert then injects an injection consisting of specific Hyaluronic Acid as its active ingredient, which is a quick procedure.

The recovery duration is quite short for the procedure. Recovery is swift, and you can immediately return home. Our expert also prescribes topical creams to be used as well.

We also conduct checkups to ensure that there are no complications, and to ascertain if any additional sessions are required.

What does the vulvo-vaginal augmentation with fillers cost?

The cost of vulvo-vaginal augmentation with fillers depends on the number of sessions you require, as well as the frequency, which is determined by your exact condition. Our experts conduct a thorough evaluation of your condition, as well as the approximate number of sessions you require. This should help calculate an estimated cost of vulvovaginal augmentation with fillers.

Why choose Elle Sante for vulvo-vaginal augmentation with fillers?

Elle Sante’s state-of-the-art center for reconstructive and cosmetic gynecology has all the advanced equipment needed for safe and ethical treatment, with the highest chance of a positive outcome. We ensure that only the required numbers of sessions are conducted, maintaining a high standard of honesty and reliability with each patient. The founder and lead specialist at Elle Sante, Dr. Navneet Magon, is the leading cosmetic gynecologist in India with years of expertise in the industry. Women seek his vulvovaginal augmentation treatments from across the country and globe.

We encourage you to discuss with our experts whether vulvovaginal augmentation treatment is helpful to achieve your desires. Book an appointment to regain your confidence and youthful appearance.

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