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Hymen Repair

The hymen is a thin membrane near the vaginal opening. The hymen is generally said to remain intact until the first sexual encounter. However, it can also rupture due to injury, masturbation, or vigorous physical activity, such as riding bicycles, etc. Women who wish to have their hymen reconstructed opt for hymen repair or Hymenoplasty surgery.

What is hymenoplasty or hymen repair?

During Hymenoplasty, a surgical procedure is used to restore the hymen by repairing its torn edges. In case restoration is not possible, a new hymen is created using the lip of the vagina. When done by an efficient surgeon, this repair looks entirely natural, with no visible scarring.

What are the benefits of hymenoplasty?

The Hymenoplasty advantages vary, depending on the reason for getting the procedure. Here are some of the general benefits of the procedure:

•  Hymenoplasty can enable a woman to be more confident in a religious setting.
•  Women whose hymen was ruptured accidentally can still recreate their desired sexual encounter.
•  The procedure helps empower women who have gone through sexual abuse.

Who is hymenoplasty suitable for?

Since most women who undergo this procedure, do so for their own personal reasons, the main motive plays a major part. Some women undergo hymenoplasty if:

•  Their culture values the intact hymen to be a sign of virginity,
•  Their hymen was ruptured due to vigorous exercise,
•  They suffered an injury that ruptured their hymen,
•  They wish to empower themselves to put past sexual abuse behind them,
•  They wish to give their partner a gift.

What is the hymenoplasty process? 

During your initial consultation, we understand your reason for undergoing this procedure, and if you are a candidate for it. After explaining what the procedure entails, the clarity we give you should help you make a decision on proceeding with the process.

We conduct a thorough examination and determine the precautions to be taken. Our best surgeon for Hymenoplasty then crafts a treatment plan.

On the day of the procedure, the Hymenoplasty is conducted after preliminary tests and administering anesthesia. This procedure is conducted with a high level of accuracy.

The recovery is short for Hymenoplasty, being hardly 45 minutes to an hour. Discharge is prompt, provided there are no complications.

Post discharge, our Hymenoplasty expert conducts a checkup to ensure that your recovery is progressing at a good rate. Our team is also available at all times, to ensure that any doubts you have are clarified.

What does the hymenoplasty cost?

The cost of Hymenoplasty depends on the accuracy and type of Hymenoplasty needed. If the use of vaginal lips is required, for the hymen to be reconstructed, the cost may increase. An expert must be consulted for an individual case and determine the exact steps needed to be taken. Consult our specialists for an estimate on your treatment process and cost.

Why choose Elle Sante for hymenoplasty?

A Hymenoplasty requires only an expert to perform it, as the procedure must be done with a high level of technical expertise. Dr. Navneet Magon is the leading reconstructive and cosmetic gynecology specialist in India, with years of expertise in the field. His experience with Hymenoplasties puts him on the top spot of recommended surgeons, due to his accuracy and efficiency. We recommend the treatment only after understanding your reason and explaining the exact nature of the procedure. The Elle Sante houses state-of-the-art technology that enables a successful procedure.

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