FAQs about Elle Sante

What sort of medical and surgical services are offered by Elle Sante?

Elle Sante a modern center for reconstructive & cosmetic gynecology offers most types of cosmetic & reconstructive surgical procedures for women.

Is your staff at Elle Sante fully qualified to perform cosmetic gynecology surgery?

Our lead surgeon Dr. Magon is proud to specialize in a dozen of major cosmetic procedures. Having trained and worked with world-renowned pioneers of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Magon is highly skilled in achieving natural, refined results that enhance the appearance without altering it. From foreign royalty to Bollywood’s A-list celebrities, Dr. Magon has facilitated India’s most discerning clients achieve their aesthetic goals and desires. His passion for excellence is reflected in his uncompromising results and his status among his peers and patients. We encourage you to contact us today to speak to Dr. Magon about your aesthetic goals and desires.

Being the best cosmetic gynecology center in Mumbai, Elle Sante holds the requisite licenses and permits as required and we have also taken care to employ certified and experienced healthcare professionals. Our physicians and nurses are qualified for the job that they can perform. If you choose to have your cosmetic surgery at Elle Sante, the best cosmetic surgery center in Mumbai, you can choose to meet the team prior to the surgery. They would do everything in their capacity to answer your queries about the procedure and make you as comfortable as possible.

Where can I get more information about Elle Sante?

You are free to write us any question that you may have about the Elle Sante facility, our team of doctors, and the cosmetic surgery procedures that we offer and we will be glad to answer them. For those living in India, we recommend that you visit the Elle Sante, the center for reconstructive & cosmetic gynecology surgery in Mumbai for a first-hand view. For those living abroad, we recommend a Skype conference where we can clarify any doubt that you may have.

What is the protocol in Elle Sante once you fix a cosmetic surgery procedure?

On your arrival at Mumbai, firstly, you can consult with our team of doctors and staff. They will first check your medical history and put you through a complete physical exam. The doctor and his team will explain the procedure in detail to you after which you will be asked to give your willingness by putting a signature on the consent form. You will also get a chance to consult with the anesthesiologist. After the surgical procedure, you will be given sufficient time to recover. After your discharge, you can choose to visit other places in Mumbai or India for sightseeing or get back home.

How much does cosmetic surgery cost at Elle Sante?

At Elle Sante, we offer cosmetic surgery procedures at much lower rates compared to the rates charged in countries such as Australia, the US or Europe. Even if you to travel from other countries to Mumbai for the procedure, it turns out to be cheaper. Our all-inclusive packages that comprise of the hospital stay, the consultations, surgery and post-op care are cheap and affordable. There are no hidden costs and nothing comes extra. You will be informed well in advance the total cost of the procedure.

What is the procedure for treating patients with medical insurance?

This is dependent on the treatment or surgical procedure that is sought by the patient. Some of the procedures that can be done here are cosmetic procedures and are not covered by normal health insurance plans.
We accept different modes of payments (cash and credit cards) and in some cases; we can also make necessary arrangements for the finances to be available to the patients.

Is it possible to speak to references before fixing up the surgical procedure?

We can surely arrange discussions with patients that have undergone surgery at Elle Sante previously on request. We will provide you with references after your first consultation with us. You can also choose to speak to any of our staff members about the facilities at Elle Sante.

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