Fourchette Reconstruction in India

During childbirth, the Fourchette, which is the meeting point of the Labia Minora, may be torn or stretched. Even in some cases, gynecologist or obstetrician performs an Episiotomy, which involves making a surgical cut at the opening of the vagina, which may results in pain during intercourse, as well as strenuous day to day activities upon healing. Fourchette Reconstruction or Frenulum of Labia Minora aims to remove the scar tissue and ease discomfort.

What is fourchette reconstruction?

When the incision made during Episiotomy heals itself, it becomes scar tissue within the vagina. Women who undergo the Episiotomy face immense pain during sexual intercourse and also experience soreness. This also happens during grave injury or sudden stretching of the vulval orifice. The Fourchette Reconstruction involves removing this scar tissue and restoring normalcy during the daily functional activities.

What are the benefits of fourchette reconstruction?

The Fourchette Reconstruction advantages are immense, and greatly help women deal with the effects of Episiotomies. Here are the general benefits of the procedure:

•  Helps alleviate soreness in the vagina
•  Gets rid of pain during sexual intercourse
•  Decreases pain experienced during strenuous physical activity

Who is fourchette reconstruction suitable for?

Fourchette Reconstruction may be suitable for women who:

•  Has undergone the Episiotomy
•  Had a torn Fourchette during childbirth
•  Had a Fourchette injury due to any accident/ sexual abuse
•  Experience immense pain during sexual intercourse
•  Face pain in the vaginal area during the excessive physical activity
•  Suffer from constant vaginal soreness

What is the fourchette reconstruction process?

The main motive of your first consultation is to diagnose your condition and explain all the aspects related to the Fourchette Reconstruction process. We also work towards understanding what you wish to achieve, as well as if you may need any additional procedures.

Our best surgeon for Fourchette Reconstruction then studies the tests conducted and crafts a treatment process that is aimed towards achieving your treatment goal.

On the day of the surgery, all the preliminary tests will be conducted and you will be taken through the surgery once again. After anesthesia is administered, the procedure to remove the excess scar tissue is conducted efficiently.

The recovery time of Fourchette Reconstruction depends on the complexity of the surgery you have undergone, how your body responds to the treatment, and its healing ability.

Our work doesn’t end as soon as you are discharged. We regularly schedule check-ups to ensure your recovery is hassle-free. Additionally, our team is easily available to clear any doubts you may have.

What does the fourchette reconstruction cost?

Fourchette Reconstruction cost varies from person to person depending on the amount of scar tissue present, and the depth of it. Our reconstructive surgery expert evaluates your condition and then recommends an appropriate treatment required. Consult our experts to design the surgery plan suitable for you and get an estimate for Fourchette Reconstruction Cost in India.

Why choose Elle Sante for fourchette reconstruction?

The chief surgeon at Elle Sante, Dr. Navneet Magon, is the top pelvic reconstructive and cosmetic genital surgeon in India, with multiple years of experience in the field of reconstructive surgery. Dr. Magon is one of the pioneers in the field, and expertly diagnoses and treats any conditions related to pelvic reconstructive and cosmetic genital surgery. At Elle Sante, we house cutting-edge technology which adds an optimal level of accuracy and expertise to the procedure. We maintain a high standard of treatments, by providing ethical and safe procedures for each patient. Our focus is on only recommending the required treatments necessary for the patient.

Get in touch with our patient counseling team to understand your medical conditions and the surgical requirements.

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